Marijuana Seed Is Chattel Paper!!!

The person is a banking fiction on a piece of paper. The marijuana seeds is chattel.  The marijuana seeds is the bond (negotiable instrument) and the security agreement. The investor going to put in the funds and in return gets a bond (negotiable instrument) and a security agreement. When the person invest in marijuana start-up, the funds and the negotiable instrument (bond) and the security agreement based on marijuana sales make up the chattel property (marijuana seeds).

The person is a fiction and cannot touch the cannabis bbs. The con game is to make you believe that you are the person and the cannabis bbs are marijuana seeds when they are not.

“A crop must be considered and treated as a growing crop from the time the seed is deposited in the ground, as at that time the seed loses the qualities of a chattel, and becomes a part of the freehold, and passes with a sale of it. Wilkinson v. Ketler, GO Ala. 435.

Growing crops of grain, and other annual productions raised by cultivation of the earth and industry of man, are personal chattels. Growing trees, fruit, or grass, and other natural products of the earth, are parcel of the land. Green v. Armstrong, 1 Denio (N. Y.) 550.”- Black Law 2nd Edition under Growing Crops

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