Criminal Charges and ALL CAPITAL NAME!!!

The ALL CAPITAL NAME form a trust. The plaintiff which is the state charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME.  What does charge means? Charge means to add.

In checking account, the account form a trust. The checks are instrument that draw on the account.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a trust. There is an instrument called property that is attached to this trust.

The court case forms a security that is called “thing in action.” The thing is a trust on paper.

The Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Joe Job) is the actor for the ALL CAPITAL NAME. That is the actor (ex. trustee, corporate officer, agent, etc. ) of the ALL CAPITAL NAME.

If there is a sale of property, the actor has to discharge. The property is commercial paper. If a company sell stocks or bonds, they have to make payment in the form of dividend.

The person is a fiction on hemp paper. The person can only interact with paper. Property only exist on paper.  Property is a security that is traded.

If the person purchase property, the plaintiff adds the property to the trust.  The actor have to pay the seller of the security.

Jean Keating Prison Treatise state that criminal cases are based on bonds or obligation of records.  The bond is attached to the trust that called a thing. The actor which is the trustee is the one that must pay the dividend on the corporate sale of bonds or stocks.


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