Certificate of Birth-Evidence of Real Property!!!


The person, place, or thing are similar financial instrument but have a slightly different favor. With Neapolitan ice cream, there are three favors; strawberry,  vanilla, and chocolate.  A person, place, or thing is like Neapolitian ice cream.

The certificate of birth is a certificate of real property. What is a real ID?  A real id is verification of the child in the State Department of Health.

The child is real trust because it cannot be transfer to another state (place).

The interest in a child which is the parents right can be transfer from person to person but the trust cannot be transfer to any place outside  that why it is real.

A thing is a trust.  When the title of the trust (principal) cannot be transfer but the title of the interest (trustee, tenancy, or agency) can be transfer, it is deem to be real.

When the title of trust can be transferred and the asset can move from one person which is a place to another, it is said to be personal.

A motor vehicle principal (thing) can be transfer from one state to another state. That why a motor vehicle is personal property and not real property.

Money which is a medium of exchange is based on accounting units. The reason money is considered personal property is because the accounting unit can be transfer from one government to another.

With real estate, the principal trust cannot be transferred. Only the interest in the real estate can be transferred.  If the real estate is within Jackson county, it cannot be moved to William County.  Since it is not moveable, it is considered real.

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