Nebraska Prostitution Law-Real and Personal Property!!!

“(16) Person shall include bodies politic and corporate, societies, communities, the public generally, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, and associations.”- Nebraska Revised Statute 49-801

The definition in the rules of construction for all the statutes give hint that it has to involve with investment banking because it involves with joint-stock companies.

What is the real and personal property of sexual intercourse?

“(11) Land or real estate shall include lands, tenements, and hereditaments and all rights thereto and interest therein other than a chattel interest;

(17) Personal estate shall include money, goods, chattels, claims, and evidences of debt;”-Nebraska Revised Statute 49-801

The word “property” means real and personal property. The word “property” makes it clear that the statutes involve with investment banking.

Real property is something that is not tangible like real estate.  Real estate has tangible interest.  Real property is a future promise for real estate or a share in a real estate investment trust that doesn’t allow access to the land.

What is real estate? It is the crown’s estate that consist of fixtures (chattel paper), lease of goods (tenement), and hereditament.  The building is a piece of paper which is a trust fund. It allows to add other chattel property, leased goods, and other banking items to the crown’s estate. The word “building” means it is always in construction. Construction means “to build.”  The tenant (owner) is allow to add or subtract from the crown’s estate.  Real estate is like mutual fund management Real estate gives the tenant (owner) to add or subtract from the crown’s estate like a mutual fund manager allows to add or subtract from the mutual fund.

The word “including” means to contain. The real estate is just a trust that contains commercial items (goods and other banking item) that is fixed (mean attached) to the crown’s trust (real estate).

“real estate n. land, improvements and buildings thereon, including attached items and growing things. It is virtually the same as “real property,” except real property includes interests which are not physical such as a right to acquire the property in the future. (See: real property)”- Free Legal Dictionary by Farlex

People believe the land to be the ground. That is the wrong believe. Real estate has nothing to do with the ground or earth.  The person is a fiction on a piece of paper. The real estate is a trust. It contains rental and chattel paper.

“1. – Real Property – incorporeal heridament (Easement: a right to pass through or visit or . . have my property pass over someone’s land)

  • Chattels Personal – Choses in action (But the piece of paper itself is a chose in possession.)
  • Choses in action. (Shares cannot be used by just anyone, they are a form of proof that a specific person has a share in a company.)
  • Personal property – Chattels real – leasehold
  • Choses personal – choses in possession
  • Real property – Fixture (attached to land for better use of land. If disputed, capable of being a chattel)
  • Chattels personal – choses in action
  • Corporeal immovable – corporeal heridaments – real property (there is an estate in fee simple)
  • Not property (until it has been put into physical form and copyright applies)”- Property Law TutesDi Everett – tutor. Ph. 55951060. Secretary – Kerry.

The county recorder is recording the trust and the description and the chattel property and lease goods.  It has nothing to do with the earth.  Real estate is a thing. A thing is a trust on paper because the person is a fiction on paper.

Once the goods, money, chattel, etc. no longer is titled in the real estate (trust), it becomes personal property.

The penis is an organ that contains the real property (interest) in the banana. The banana is the growing crops under Uniform Commercial Code.

Sexual intercourse is the Marilyn Manson and worm hybrid. When Marilyn Manson sing “Six,” it sounds like “sex.”  The Marilyn Manson and worm hybrid is an Extra-Terrestrial being in another dimension.  It shapeshift to look like man.

This shapeshifter was the inventor of the banna and the donut.  Mutual fund was named after this shapeshifter.

“(1) Act shall mean a bodily movement, and includes words and possession of property;”

(17) Person shall mean any natural person and where relevant a corporation or an unincorporated association;

“(24) Voluntary act shall mean an act performed as a result of effort or determination, and includes the possession of property if the actor was aware of his or her physical possession or control thereof for a sufficient period to have been able to terminate it.”
– Nebraska Revised Statute 28-109

“(1) Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, any person who performs, offers, or agrees to perform any act of sexual contact or sexual penetration, as those terms are defined in section 28-318, with any person not his or her spouse, in exchange for money or other thing of value, commits prostitution.”-Nebraska Revised Statute 28-801

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