Missouri Prostitution Law-Donuts and Bananas!!!



” (12) The word “person” may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnerships and other unincorporated associations;”– Missouri Statutes 1.020

The person is a fiction on a piece of paper. Our founding fathers knew that the person is a fiction on a piece of paper that why they wrote in Article 4 of the Bill of rights that the people have the right to be secured in their persons. The person is a banking fiction. It cannot be you.  What keeps the person alive is money.

In Locke Management Association vs. Martha Esche, the Sacramento County Court judge ruled that Locke Management Association is a public corporation formed by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Association and doesn’t have to register with the California Secretary of State. In the judge’s ruling, the judge ruled that only private corporation is required to register with the California Secretary of State.

The church has the body. The body contains the spirit. The spirit is the only thing that is money.

The paperwork doesn’t reflect you. The child contains a US Saving Bonds. The con is to make you believe that the paperwork realm reflect you.

A person is a banking fiction so it can only interact with financial instrument.  The sexual conduct is considered real and personal property. Property is an financial instrument.

The cop is supposed to arrest the banking fiction called the actor. The actor is an instrument that used to interact with other instruments. The Frankenstein monster is the one that authorized to interact with the instrument.

Even if he uses the banking instrument which is contained in the Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Joe Job), he doesn’t goes to jail. The actor account which contains the dividend from real and personal property is the one goes to jail. The con is to get the man or woman to be inside the bank account is how the man or woman goes to jail. The court places the man or woman “in person” through fraud. The man or woman goes to jail with the bank account.

The person have sub-trust and sub-accounts called organ. When put together, it become an organization or organism. The person’s health is financial.

The person’s metal capacity is based on the amount of money found in the head. In electricity, the word “capacitor” means something that holds electrons and discharge when it reach a certain voltage. The voltage sounds like votes. It discharges based on the votes of the director. The capacity is a bank account that has enough funds as collateral for certain transaction.

The person has a US Saving Bonds attach to it that why when it reach 18 years old, it has the mental capacity.

In the old testament time, the person is a clay statutes. Clavius, who became Christ figure out a way to change the person to a banking entity. The person is a banking instrument. Christ is not Jesus. Jesus was born on Christmas day in Bethalem . Clavius who was born on New Years Day in Greenwich England. The world uses Clavius birthdate to measure time.

If they were basing the time of Jesus, New Years Day will be on Christmas Day.


Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father’s house a house of merchandise (commerce). Merchandise has the word “dice.”
Merchandise are commercial paperwork that the investor take risk to collect. The purchase of merchandise is for the purpose of playing this casino game. Commerce never leave realm of investment banking. Sexual intercourse is a risky investment at this time due to Starbucks Coffee Shops in many cities and towns across America.

Peter Griffin attended the Intimacy Seminar in the Family Guy ( S E). The seminar instructor showed the class the banana and donuts.  The funds that invest in banna and rat  research is the penis of the person.  The penis fund is a gential organ because it regenerate the investment.

The female genitalia which can be the vagina is the fund that invest in donut shops and flower shop that is high risk. To deflower the girl is to take away the girls virginity.

This banking product is based on religion. In religious technology, it was found that banana will retain the rat and human hybrid spirit.

The sexual intercourse is a mutual funds based that inject capital from the rat research and banna plantation loans into the donuts shop funds.  The property is commercial paperwork that has interest in real or personal property.

If the sexual intercourse is real, it is investing in rental or mortages in donut shops. If the sexual intercourse is personal, it is based on equipment loans.

The act of sexual intercourse is possessing the share or interest  in  mutual funds which is the donut shop  and rat research and banna planation.

In the South Park Episode  Eek, A Penis (S12 E5), Mr. Garrison refers to the mouse as his penis.  The mouse spirit is a highly reproductive spirit.  That why it is the genital organ of the person. The genital organ of the person reinvest the dividend.  When it is in conjunction with the female genitalia, it insert capital into the female genitalia funds.

The female genitalia is a lizard mouth because it devours. It devours and may to give dividend in the future.  It doesn’t pay divdent because it devours and doesn’t give a return. Sexual intercourse is a risky investment.

Since Starbuck took over the coffee and pastry industry, investing in donut shop is high risk.  The promise is to grow another female genitalia out of the mouth capital. In Marilyn Manson “Deep Six” music video, it shows that sex grows out of the mouth of the Marilyn Manson and worm hybrid.

The oral sex is putting funds where the mouth is. That is putting into a startup arm.  The investment is in the winery and  vineyard operations.  The penis fund is injected into vineyard operation. In Amy Schumer “Porn Star is Born (S1 E3), the waitress suck on the bottle. This is an hint that the oral sex involves with winery and vineyard operationm.

The masturbation has to do with investing in hat and timber industries using the genital organ funds. In South Park Mr. Garrison have two hands. One was Mr. Twig and the other is Mr. Hats. The hand is a fund that invest in real or personal property involves in hat and timber industry.  The definition “of another” make it clear that it involves real or personal property.

The criminal charges is based on the state tried to preserve the estate. The fund manager (actor) is investing in high risk because he hopefully can get a bigger commission. The cop is arresting the bank account (person) as security for the purchase on margin (in return for a fee or something of value). The fee or something of value is the stock brokers fee.

The deviate sexual intercourse involves the penis which is the rat research and banana plantation investment securities and the anal property that someone else has interest in.

The anal property involves the orange and the chocolate orchard. In the ” How to Have Anal Sex“, the video shows the orange and the chocolate.

The actor which is a bank account is security for the purchase on margin. Either Frankenstein monster pays the bill or else face put into jail as forfeiture to the dividend from the rental (real) and chattel mortgage payment (personal property).

Jean Keating Prison Bond Treatise document that the criminal cases are based on statutes stable or statutes merchant. Statutes stable or statutes merchant are chattel paper or securities.

In a criminal case, there is a private side to the case. The security  and the penal bill is found in the judge’s docket. Only judges and attorneys are allow to view it. The security and the penal bill is not for public viewing and the arrestee will never see it. Attorneys and the judges decide the outcome of the case based on instrument laws. The arrestee is a collateral for the proceeding.


Prostitution Law

Chapter definitions. — As used in this chapter, the following terms mean:
(1) “Deviate sexual intercourse”, any sexual act involving the genitals of one person and the mouth, hand, tongue, or anus of another person; or any act involving the penetration, however slight, of the penis, the female genitalia, or the anus by a finger, instrument, or object done for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of any person or for the purpose of terrorizing the victim;
(2) “Persistent prostitution offender”, a person who has been found guilty of two or more prostitution-related offenses;
(3) “Prostitution-related offense”, any violation of state law for prostitution, patronizing prostitution, or promoting prostitution;
(4) “Sexual conduct”, sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact;
(5) “Sexual contact”, any touching of another person with the genitals or any touching of the genitals or anus of another person or the breast of a female person, or such touching through the clothing, for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire of any person or for the purpose of terrorizing the victim;
(6) “Sexual intercourse”, any penetration, however slight, of the female genitalia by the penis;
(7) “Something of value”, any money or property, or any token, object or article exchangeable for money or property.”- Missouri Statutes

” (34) “Of another”, property that any entity, including but not limited to any natural person, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, governmental subdivision or instrumentality, other than the actor, has a possessory or proprietary interest therein, except that property shall not be deemed property of another who has only a security interest therein, even if legal title is in the creditor pursuant to a conditional sales contract or other security arrangement;

“(39) “Property”, anything of value, whether real or personal, tangible or intangible, in possession or in action;”-Missouri Statutes 556.061


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