Nebraska Prostitution Law-Stock Broker Firm!!!

You won’t find an attorney at law ever going to tell you this. The truth is that the state is a secret society. Attorneys and judges belong to a secret society so they won’t reveal that the prostitution law involves with investment banking.

Here is an example how the investment banking scam can work. The investment banking product can be created to deceive. You can create and name a mutual fund called apple that involves with Apple computer stocks and bond. Then you can write a law that uses the word “apple.” You can make your stock broker’s firm look like government. You form a secret society and requires all the attorneys and judges to belong to this society.

When someone is born, the attorneys in your stock broker firm open an account called a person. You got the attorneys to go to the school to teach lies to student that they are the stock broker’s account by claiming to be a person and to claim the name (stock broker’s account) belong to them.

When the ignorant public read the statutes and see the word “apple” they though it involves with a fruit you eat. The apple in the statutes have nothing to do with the fruit but a fund that invest in all aspect of apple computers. The cops don’t know the difference and arrest people over the fruit apple. Then an attorney go behind the scene and purchase the mutual funds share called apple into a stock broker’s account. The defendant have to appear in court over the purchase of the security called apple. If they choose trial, they are arguing that they didn’t do the apple act. The jury didn’t know that the apple act is the purchase of the mutual funds called apple. They got con into thinking it was the apple fruit.

That is more revenue for your stock broker firm that you make it appear as government. People get arrested and force to patronize your stock broker firm which is called government.

I have studied statutes and found that all the state’s prostitution law involves with investment banking and financial instruments. The prostitution law is based on financial instruments based on the Uniform Commercial Code. Uniform Commercial Codes govern banking and financial instruments. The chattel papers involves with liens because of purchase or services. Services is based on putting together instruments which can like mutual funds and make a new security. The person is on paper so the person can only interact with paper.

If you look closely at Nebraska Prostitution Law, it is very clear that it involves with financial instruments. The person is a fiction on a piece of paper so the crime involves with investment banking. If you watch cartoons, it will give hints on some of the investment banking products.

The genital organ of the person is a subdivision inside the person. It regererate the investment. An interest in real property is interest in the crown’s estate that generate revenue on rental. It is like having a share in a Electronic Traded Funds. You don’t have title to the funds because the title holder is the company that issue the funds.

The person (banking fiction) holds interest or stake in the funds. They receive dividend from the investment. The interest or stake is capable of being transfer because you can sell it on the market. The “exchange for money” reals that the security which is property is under a commercial lien. The prostitution law is based on chattel paper investment. Someone came up with the funds called sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is a mutual fund. It can bundle a bunch of interest in other funds to make this fund.

The sexual intercourse is a lizard mouth funds. In cartoons and entertainment, the vagina is referred to the lizard mouth. Peter Griffin in Family Guy Switch the Flip Season 16 Episode 17) attended an intimacy seminar. The seminar instructor show him that the female genitalia to be the mouth of the monster lizard. The female genitalia fund may be based on near but not to the point of loan shark. These monster tend to devour it’s prey.

The anal intercourse is a type of investment involving human beings that grow it’s asset out of the genital organ funds. That can be the general funds of government. The anus is involved with waste management. The anal funds may consist of waste management asset in real and personal properties. The human being which is a type of person grows off these funds.

The cop’s job is to sell the person chattel paper for their trust. The state is preserving the trust so they charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME because this investment is high risk. They demand the actor which committed the act (deed) in the property to come to reimburse the state for preserving the trust or to dispute the purchase.

In other states like Illinois, the crime is the trustee refuse to file a lawsuit to collect on the chattel paper that was purchased for the trust.

The crime is based on the prudent investment principle for trustee and executor of trust and estate. The person is in violation of the prudent investment principle. The bodily movement is spending money or property out of the body which is one of the subtrust inside the person. It is the subtrust that the trustee or executor have access to. The trustee or executor is the body of the trust. An employee is a body of a corporation. The words is the deed which is the conveyance document for the chattel paper. The possession of property is the person receives the chattel paper.

The prosecutor is instructing the Federal Reserve Bank to charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME account to preserve the funds for the beneficiary of the ALL CAPITAL NAME trust or estate. The corporate officer, personal representative, trustee, or agent which is actor have to face the charges for breach of trust. The penal bill for reimbursing the state is found in the judge’s docket. Only attorneys and judges are allow to see the bill. It is not for public viewing.

If you read Jean Keating Prison Treatise website, it will make more sense what is going on.

“(16) Person shall include bodies politic and corporate, societies, communities, the public generally, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, and associations.”- Nebraska Revised Statute 49-801

The definition in the rules of construction for all the statutes give hint that it has to involve with investment banking because it involves with joint-stock companies.

“(11) Land or real estate shall include lands, tenements, and hereditaments and all rights thereto and interest therein other than a chattel interest;

(17) Personal estate shall include money, goods, chattels, claims, and evidences of debt;”-Nebraska Revised Statute 49-801

The word “property” means real and personal property. The word “property” makes it clear that the statutes involve with investment banking.

“(1) Act shall mean a bodily movement, and includes words and possession of property;”

(17) Person shall mean any natural person and where relevant a corporation or an unincorporated association;

“(24) Voluntary act shall mean an act performed as a result of effort or determination, and includes the possession of property if the actor was aware of his or her physical possession or control thereof for a sufficient period to have been able to terminate it.”
– Nebraska Revised Statute 28-109

“(1) Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, any person who performs, offers, or agrees to perform any act of sexual contact or sexual penetration, as those terms are defined in section 28-318, with any person not his or her spouse, in exchange for money or other thing of value, commits prostitution.”-Nebraska Revised Statute 28-801


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