Alabama Prostitution Law- Eric Cartman and Rodeo!!!

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“PERSON. A human being, and where appropriate, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association, a partnership, a government, or a governmental instrumentality.”– Code of Alabama Section 13A-1-2

The human being is defined in 1 USC 8. The human being contains (includes) the Frankenstein monster which is made of every infant members of the homo sapiens species.

The person is a fiction on paper.  It requires the Frankenstein monster to wear the mask called the human being to do paperwork for the person.

The cops and the judge force you to wear the person mask to interact with you. They cannot interact with you unless you wear the person mask.

The judge want you to represent the self. To represent the self is to take on the character of another without their consent or knowledge to gain some advantage.

You have to pretend to be the Frankenstein monster to wear the person mask.



Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and said to the one selling doves not to make his father’s house a house of merchandise. Commerce never leave the realm of paperwork selling the doves.

The property are financial instruments. The trafficking of commercial papers is the commerce. Property is negotiable instruments that demand money. Goods is a promise for delivery of future product. Chattel is an instrument that secure payment by lien on a collateral. Real estate or land has nothing to do with the house or the ground. Real estate is an estate of the crown that contains fixtures. The person who own the share in the estate funds can receive interest or rents from the rental property.  The crown owns this mutual funds for the purpose of inheritance. The person can purchase a share which is interest by investing in this mutual funds.

The cops job is to arrest the man or woman and made them a victim of the attorney’s commercial  paper

The commercial paperwork for prostitution is done by an attorney behind the scene. The words is the deed which is an instrument that covey interest in property.

Sexual intercourse is the lizard mouth embryo. The lizard mouth embryo doves are made into collateral and rental product for the commercial paperwork world.

In South Park Cow Day (Cow Days  Season 2  Episode 13) , Eric Cartman became a Vietnamese prostitute. He was the only one that can hold the bull for the longest time.
The holding the bull is the control of the chattel paper. The prostitute is the one controlling the chattel paper for the longest time.

The court is an investment bank court. The trial is over whether the corporate officer sign the instrument or order the instrument for the corporation. If it is determine that the corporate officer is the one that order the instrument, then the corporate officer must pay for the commercial instrument.

The statutes prohibits John  purchase these negotiable instrument as a trustee or executor is because it violate the prudent investment doctrine.

Sexual intercourse for hire  is considered junk property because it pays high dividend but it can be hard to collect.

An allegory is stock broker firm. The court is an department in the stock broker firm. The trial is over whether or not the agent for the stock broker account made the purchase. If there is no evidence that the agent make the purchase, the stock broker firm cannot hold the agent liable for payment and have to absorb the lost. If it pass a certain date, the person cannot return the instrument that was purchased.

If it is determine from the evidence that the corporate officer make such purchase, the stock broker firm can made the person pay.

Prostitution Law

“(a) No person shall commit an act of prostitution as defined in Section 13A-12-120.”– Code of Alabama Section 13A-12-121

“For the purpose of this division, the term “prostitution” shall mean the commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary consideration or other thing of value.”– Code of Alabama Section 13A-12-120

“(6) PROPERTY. The word “property” includes both real and personal property.
(7) REAL PROPERTY. The term “real property” includes lands, tenements and hereditaments.
(8) PERSONAL PROPERTY. The term “personal property” includes money, goods, chattels, things in action and evidence of debt, deeds and conveyances.”– Code of Alabama 1975 Section 13A-2-1

“(1) ACT. A bodily movement, and such term includes possession of property.
(2) VOLUNTARY ACT. An act performed consciously as a result of effort or determination, and such term includes the possession of property if the actor was aware of his physical possession or control thereof for a sufficient time to have been able to terminate it.”– Code of Alabama 1975 Section 13A-2-1




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